One of the side effects of chemotherapy is losing your hair. This can be difficult to come to terms with and knowing how to treat your scalp is very important.
When I lost my hair the first time, it was a big shock, even though I knew it was going to happen at some point. My hair was very long at the time and in very good condition. I had never dyed it, never used a hairdryer or iron and didn’t even use conditioner. It was very difficult but I was fortunate enough to have my loving family there with me when we cut it off.
After this, I had a very sensitive scalp. I was advised to use baby shampoo by one of the nurses, which was good at first but when my hair started to grow back it wasn’t really suitable anymore.
Phillip Kingsley's 'No Colour, No Scent' Shampoo
You need to find a shampoo, which is completely pure with no perfume and chemicals. The best one that I have used is Philip Kingsley’s ‘No Scent, No Colour’ shampoo. It really lathers up and makes your head feel squeaky clean, (it actually squeaks when you have no hair!). Other alternatives that I have tried are by Jason.
Now that my hair has completely stopped falling out (after losing it three times!) I have started to use dreadlock shampoo. It is completely natural and leaves my scalp feeling really fresh and my hair light and soft.
Happy Hair Washing!
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